The Value of Children

Children are the future , but with so many things going on who really has time to focus on them?  The youth are very important to the world due to the fact they’ll be running it in some way shape or form.  Which is why it’s up to the adult leaders to guide and instill the right information in their young minds.  The opinion on teaching children needs to change you can’t think of a child to be a child in a world where their treated like adults and open to adult information.   As life changes the way you prep kids has to change as well.  For example majority of people think kids should wait until high school to learn about sex, but if their doing it as early as elementary do you still think they should have to wait to receive such information?  Learning how to communicate with them is the most important factor because a child will place full attention on something their interested in causing them to learn from what ever it is.  Take the time out to teach something new to the youth or they will find out from themselves with random interpretations.

 Taking time out with a child does more than you think.  You may not be able to teach them everything, but something is better than nothing.

Mo Lowery

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