The appreciation of yourself

The appreciation of your self is very important. You go through life learning manners and how to show others respect, but people never really teach how to appreciate your self which is very important because if done wrong it turns into cockiness, modesty, timidness etc. The thing is though how does one appreciate thy self the right way? Stop competing! Life can easily be looked at as a competition because you want success and you recognize the success of others so you attempt to work harder than them to become better than them. Nothing wrong with hard work, but the wrong type of hard work is just a waste of energy. Remember you are capable of many things you’ve created ideas that no one has ever thought of and you have a vision that no one else can see or understand. So never let the opinion of another limit or restrict the abilities you know you have. The real competition is with yourself, everyday you gain another opportunity to grow get better and learn more you just have to take advantage of it. Appreciate your self pat yourself on the back for your progress and keep progression because if you’re not moving forward you’re standing still on moving backwards.

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