The process of getting ready for marriage is difficult and when I say process I’m not speaking in reference to wedding planning. I’m talking about preparing yourself to commit to another for a portion of your life. It’s not difficult being married the hard part is being faithfully married. When you get married you’re not just you any more it’s an us, and that’s one of the reasons it’s difficult because every choice you make effects you and your spouse. You have to think in all areas when merging your life with another from past present & future. It’s what you make it so don’t get to caught up in all the suggestions you’ll get from peers it’s your marriage! So you have to handle it in a way that’s comfortable for the both of you.

Me never being a follow I do things the way I like, but when I found out traditionally the man buys a ring to propose I didn’t want to get married all ready! The way I felt was that just like I wanted to marry her she wanted to marry me. So why can’t I get a gift as well? So what we did was exchange I’D LIKE TO MARRY YOU GIFTS I got her a ring & she got me a Ps4. Now some people criticized me for doing this, but Fk them this aint they marriage. Don’t follow traditions obviously if the divorce rate in America is 50% tradition hasn’t worked to well so you might as well try out your method.

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