• Finding your purpose in life is a journey that everyone starts even if they fail to finish.  “Whats my purpose?” is one of the most asked questions in life.  People have spent millions of dollars, seconds and moments in life trying to figure out the answer.  The thing is though no one can tell you what your purpose in life is due to the fact its your purpose anything from anyone else is just an opinion, and you have to put your opinion before the others in this situation.  The thing is though your purpose in life isn’t just one thing.  If you’re capable of so much why limit yourself to so little?  The real question is what difference can you currently make?  People overwhelm themselves trying to figure out their life purpose in one day, and since life is constantly changing  they chase for an answer that may not even be there.  Below are some questions you can ask yourself that may help you move forward on your quest to finding your purpose.

                    What’s a goal you have & what stops you from turning it into an accomplishment?

            We all have dreams,goals and things we’d like to do, but we also have things that slow us down what ways could you turn your obstacles into opportunities?

If you didn’t have a job or school what would you do to fill that time?

People spend so much time on thinking about what they want they never put thought into how to get it.  If you had time to work on what you want how would you do it 


Do you put your self first?

If you’re trying to find one of your many purposes in life you have to take time to focus on your self.  Too many distractions cause people to loose focus on what their going for.  Take sometime out for yourself and figure out who you are and what you want out of life.


Do you know the difference between what & why?

Don’t let the benefits of what you want to do take away from why you want to do it.


What does success mean to you?


We all have different definitions of success.  To some it’s materialistic things to others its a loving family….What is it to you?


I hope this helps move you forward as you accomplish the goals you set for your self.  NEVER STOP MO.VING FORWARD!!!!!


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